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Experience this fascinating tour which takes visitors in a glass paneled lift down the original dolomite well shaft, from which water was originally extracted, through a tunnel to see the Blue Lake at close proximity. Learn about the hydrology of Mount Gambier’s water supply and the aquifer system. Hear the interesting stories of local history, European settlement, folklore and aboriginal legend. The tour consists of a 200 metre walk down a slight gradient into the pumping station where there is 14 steps that lead into the lift which takes you into an 80 metre tunnel out to a viewing platform.

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The Blue Lake

The Blue Lake at Mount Gambier in the South-East of South Australia is a unique attraction. It has formed in the vent of a recent volcano, on the side of which the City of Mount Gambier has been built. The city relies on the lake as its source of potable water.

Water in the lake is exceptionally clear, the quality is very good, but it is hard due to infiltration through limestone which underlies the district. This hardness can be easily removed by household water softeners.

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Mount Gambier

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